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Meet Toutle, Washington resident Donna Boogaard. She calls herself a “GREAT!” grandma (she is a great-grandma, as well as a GREAT! grandma who prides herself on being there for her family).

“I’ve been coming to Longview Radiology for nearly 20 years, and the quality of service has never changed,” Donna says. “It was excellent then and it’s wonderful now because there are more people to be nice to you.”

Her journey with us began with routine diagnostics. But as she grew wiser in the years that followed, Donna started to notice deep and seemingly inexplicable pains with increasing frequency. Diagnosed with several complex spinal issues, today she needs MRIs to monitor the changes slowly taking place. But as someone who experiences extreme claustrophobia, Donna struggles with the same anticipatory fear that many people experience with an MRI: a tight, enclosed space.

“I used to always be fearful of an MRI before coming here,” Donna says. “They were long. They were uncomfortable. But here it’s so different. For one thing, they have an Open MRI – it makes the process less restricting and far less stressful. Plus, the doctors and staff are all so kind, supportive and really know what they’re talking about. They take the time to explain everything to you to allay your fears about getting these procedures done. All the worry just goes away.”

We’re proud to have earned Donna’s trust, and even prouder of her willingness to share our reputation with others.

“There is no place like Longview Radiology,” she says. “The comfort, the compassionate care, the peace-of-mind – it’s just the best place to come when you need medical services.”

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