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Since 1948…

Longview Radiologists was founded in 1948 by Dr. Henry D. Fuesner who was later joined by Dr. John N. Burkey. Incorporated in 1970, the only radiology services we offered at the time were diagnostic x-ray and fluoroscopy. The practice of medical imaging has grown since then. And we’ve grown with it.

Broadly expanding the scope of our services, we built an imaging center that opened in December 2002, adding advanced imaging procedures through the use of CT and Open MRI – the only instrument of its kind within a 35-mile radius. Expanding again in 2008, we added approximately 1,000 square feet to our facility and installed a High Field 1.5 MRI. As a result, our business has increased exponentially. In 2002, we performed 30 diagnostic, ultrasound and fluoroscopy exams… total. Now, it’s not unusual for us to perform a total of 80 diagnostic x-ray, fluoroscopy, ultrasound, MRI and CT exams… in a single day

Leading services. Compassionate care.

At Longview Radiologists, we know the importance of having trusted, caring medical professionals to rely on. So for the last 60 years, we’ve built our practice around a single, defining principle: dedication.

We have a dedication to expertise.

Our goal is to provide patients and referring clinicians with superior medical imaging and a quick turnaround on reports. Working toward this end, we’ve expanded over the years and are proud to offer a number of unique services. In addition to our staff of leading radiologists and support technologists, we are the only facility within a 35-mile radius to offer Open MRI services. We are also the first comprehensive imaging center to offer all services at an out-patient facility.

We have a dedication to efficiency.

Our results are not sent out for analysis. They’re analyzed in-house, further cutting down on the gap between testing and results. We also work closely with the physicians and staff of St. John Medical Center and have three of our radiologists on-site at their facility at all times, reading imaging studies and
consulting on courses of treatment with the medical staff.

In addition, we utilize the Picture Archive Communication System (PACS). PACS is a network of computers that enable
the storage, retrieval, management, distribution and presentation of digital images taken during diagnostic imaging. Immediately following a procedure, the images are available for viewing by qualified staff on the secure PACS network. This allows radiologists and other healthcare providers to access information in a highly efficient manner, removing the barriers associated with traditional film-based imaging. It also allows referring clinicians to view any of the studies performed from any location, whether they were conducted here at Longview Radiologists or any other imaging center throughout the country.

We have a dedication to value.

At Longview Radiologists, we specialize in radiology. This enables us to keep out-of-pocket costs lower, compared to a hospital or clinic that has to support a greater overhead due to the broader range of medical services offered. Often contributing to substantial savings, our services provide a strong benefit to those with partial-pay insurance coverage or a self-pay plan. We also contract with over 100 different insurance providers to ensure our services are covered and available to as many people as possible.

Most of all, we’re dedicated to you!

Our highly-qualified physicians and state-of-the-art equipment offer the finest diagnostic imaging in the
region. In addition, we are the only imaging center in the local area to offer pain management services, providing a specialized level of care to those suffering from levels of discomfort that range from short-term
to chronic.