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Open MRI – The worry went away

“I was always fearful of an MRI before coming here. But the doctors and staff at Longview Radiology helped me overcome my fear of the procedure.”

For more than 20 years, Donna Boogaard has relied on the physicians and staff at Longview Radiology for a variety of medical services. When she was younger and progressing into older age, Donna would wake up nearly every morning with new pain. Initially coming to us for x-rays, she began to use our MRI services when we added them in 2002. Since then, Donna visits us to address chronic pain resulting from several complex spinal conditions.

“There is nothing to be done for what I have,” she says. “I have a couple things that are uncomfortable – they hurt like heck actually. But after a visit to Longview Radiology, I know I have been told everything there is to know. I go away more peaceful about it. I’ll take a couple aspirin and not worry anymore.”

This worry, caused by a fear of the unknown, was a hurdle for Donna. It compounded the discomfort she was experiencing with her physical conditions.

“You are never comfortable when you have spinal problems. But with the support and knowledge I receive at Longview Radiology, I know my options. I know what I can do, and what I simply have to live with. Regardless, all the worry just goes away.”

Donna has learned to live with her physical condition, confident in the diagnostic information she receives through procedures that are designed to make her comfortable – physically and mentally. As a result, she is now able to confront future physical developments and their diagnoses without fear.

Through consultation with her doctor and the clinical staff at Longview Radiology, Donna has conquered her anticipatory fear of diagnostic procedures. This not only simplifies and expedites future tests, it has also enabled her to overcome a long-standing fear of the equipment used for MRIs.

“I have claustrophobia really bad,” Donna says, “and I did not want to have an MRI. But in talking to them before the appointment, they took away my anxiety. They assured me the MRI was open-end, and instantly it wasn’t that scary. I wasn’t even going to have one until I found that out. And it actually took half the time to do the same tests as other MRIs I’d had at the hospital. It’s just so much easier.”

Comparing the process to a simple x-ray, Donna cites the peace-of-mind she enjoys here as one of her primary reasons for preferring the services at Longview Radiology over her local hospital and other providers.

“Everybody is so friendly,” she says. “They treat you like they’re really glad to see you, like you are their only patient. And my doctor is a sweetheart. I can’t say enough kind words about him. My vocabulary isn’t even big enough. He explains everything to you in detail so you know what your options are. He is so compassionate – I look forward to seeing him every time.”

As a former HR manager, Donna is someone who knows the value of strong working relationships and those who take the time to connect with others on a personal level. And she’s not shy about telling others. In the two decades that she’s been our patient, her granddaughter Erin has become one of our radiologic technologists, and Donna has referred countless friends and family.

“It’s just a nice place to come. Everybody’s professional yet loving at the same time. My friends tell me they’re going to the hospital and I say ‘NO – no you’re not’! If you need any services, come here.”