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IN RESPONSE TO COVID-19, JUNE 30 RE-OPENING: As a healthcare facility, Longview Radiologists is still required to practice our enhanced safety protocols. This includes: limiting entry to our clinic to scheduled patients and essential caregivers, continuing to practice social distancing, and continuing to require face coverings for all staff and patients. (Updated 6/30/2021)

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‘The worry just goes away’

Meet Toutle, Washington resident Donna Boogaard. She calls herself a “GREAT!” grandma (she is a great-grandma, as well as a GREAT! grandma who prides herself on being there for her family).

“I’ve been coming to Longview Radiology for nearly 20 years, and the quality of service has never changed,” Donna says. “It was excellent then and it’s wonderful now because there are more people to be nice to you.”

Her journey with us began with routine diagnostics. But as she grew wiser in the years that followed, Donna started to notice deep and seemingly inexplicable pains with increasing frequency. Diagnosed with several complex spinal issues, today she needs MRIs to monitor the changes slowly taking place. But as someone who experiences extreme claustrophobia, Donna struggles with the same anticipatory fear that many people experience with an MRI: a tight, enclosed space.

“I used to always be fearful of an MRI before coming here,” Donna says. “They were long. They were uncomfortable. But here it’s so different. For one thing, they have an Open MRI – it makes the process less restricting and far less stressful. Plus, the doctors and staff are all so kind, supportive and really know what they’re talking about. They take the time to explain everything to you to allay your fears about getting these procedures done. All the worry just goes away.”

We’re proud to have earned Donna’s trust, and even prouder of her willingness to share our reputation with others.

“There is no place like Longview Radiology,” she says. “The comfort, the compassionate care, the peace-of-mind – it’s just the best place to come when you need medical services.”

Read more about how the knowledge and care Donna receives at Longview Radiology help her cope with chronic pain here.

Excellent service by staff.  All were very helpful. I have had several MRI’s over the last 8 years.  Longview Radiologists is the best for complicated MRI’s.  Their equipment is top of the line.  I am an Alaska resident and have no problem flying down for test.



The Choice is yours. So choose the best, for you and your family.

Deciding who provides your medical care is one of the most personal and important choices you’ll ever make. Sometimes the decision is out of your hands. But when it comes to imaging services, you have the right to choose which facility provides your MRI, ultrasound, CT scan or any other diagnostic imaging.

At Longview Radiologists, we’re committed to excellence and it shows. We have a long-standing reputation within the community for providing our patients with superior care in a positive, supportive, professional atmosphere… and it’s a reputation we’re proud of.

My chiropractor put in a  referral for an X-ray thru Longview Radiologists. I was able to get same day appointment. The gal that helped me at the front desk was very friendly and helpful. My wait time was super short and the technologist that took my X-rays was extremely pleasant and made me feel comfortable. I left their office with a bounce in my step and restored Faith in Humanity! Customer Service is so Important. WAY TO GO LONGVIEW RADIOLOGISTS!


Castle Rock, WA

State-of-the-Art Facility

To provide the highest level of service, we offer a state-of-the-art facility with equipment that utilizes the latest technology.

Offering a wide range of cutting-edge imaging services and related options, our facility features the only 1.2 High Field Open MRI available between Salem, OR and Tacoma Washington. We’re also the first comprehensive imaging center to offer all of our services on an out-patient basis, with CT and MRI accreditation by the American College of Radiology. In addition, we are the only local imaging center to provide pain management services, helping people in our community improve their quality of life.

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